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Psychological Trainings and group counseling for organizations

Most of the time, people fail to adjust to demanding situations which may arise in their professional or personal life leading to stress or burn out . Besides demanding situations, moral corruptions of dominating people dissuade and disengage many honest workers. To tackle these issues, a professional approach is important. 6th Sense along with the trainees, design extempore psychological workshop that improves their social adaptability skills, vocational compatibility and quality of mental and emotional life thereby enhancing the competence, performance and overall wellness.

6th Sense offers a wide spectrum of Psychological training programs to support individuals to optimize their performance, improve emotional wellness, and excel themselves.

What makes us a distinctive organization is that our trainings are custom-made, where participants design their own courses based on their need and organizational objectives. Although the concept of extempore training is seen as a radical idea, the post-training results seen in organizations vindicate our claim that this approach is the best.

Our training programs serve as highly conducive platforms for participants to demystify their inner struggles and shortcomings, while walking through a slow and steady participatory session. Thought provoking and challenging topics are deliberated in such a way, they often help participants’ to construct different ways of thinking, rethinking, and responding.

The training enlightens participant the role of mindsets in promoting excellence and wellness. Further, the participants will know the role of mindset in constructing their thinking, feeling, and destinies.

Since mindset are acquired during early infancy and formative years of a person, there is no scope to regress backward in time to change it. It does not mean there is no hope. The training emphasizes on mindset change by guiding and supporting participants to invoke the element of human volition to change their mindset for their own advantage.

During this scientific training, we present empirically-tested study results, tools and techniques. Since the participants are also part of the training design, the acceptance and willingness for change becomes voluntary and forth coming.

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