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Career & Skillset Tests

Career Assessment And Adaptability Tests For Students ( IX And X Students Only )

A Successful Career Begins At The Formative Years Of A Student. This Is Also An Age Where Children Often Get Distracted Or Confused To Choose Their Right Stream Of Education. Most Children Will Not Be Aware Of Their Skills, Likings And Competencies And Often Choose A Stream Of Education Out Of Parental Compulsion Or Some Fascinations. In Either Case, Their Career May Not Be Successful

At The Domestic Front, Parenting Has Become Extremely Challenging Phase In One’s Life. With Success As The Compulsion, Every Parent Pushes Their Children To Be On The Top. Unfortunately Not All Are Competent Enough To Achieve What They Desire.

Our System Which Encourages Scoring Over Scouting Conspicuously Ignores Intangible Assets Like Self Esteem, Courage, Integrity, Which Are Indices That Represent Life Skills. A Mckinsey Study Estimates That Only 10% Of Humanities And Arts Graduates And 25% Engineering Graduates Are Globally Competitive. Many Of Our Graduates Lack Critical Skills For Facing The Challenging World.

6th Sense, With Its Research And Training Expertise Has Designed Career Counseling Programme To Facilitate Student To Choose The Closest Area Of Study Based On Career Assessment Activities Like Psychometric Tests, Past Experiences, Interests, Skills, Values, And Motivation Levels. This Will Be Ideal For High School Students.

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