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6th Sense offers a wide variety of Psychological training programs to support individuals to optimize their performance, improve emotional wellness, and excel themselves.

What makes 6th Sense a distinctive organization is that our trainings are custom-made, where participants design their own courses based on their need and organizational objectives. Although the concept of extempore training is seen as a radical idea, the post-training results seen from organizations that have undertaken our training, vindicate our claim that our approach is the best.

What We Do..?

Psychological Training

What makes 6th Sense a distinctive organization is that our trainings are custom-made. Our programs serve as highly conducive platforms for participants to demystify their inner struggles.. readmore

Effective Parenting

In a globalized society with fast changing social and cultural values, grooming a child has become a challenge. The ocean of information and exposure children get today are very different..readmore

Transforming Teachers

No educational institution can become world class, unless their teachers, who play the critical role in education, are psychologically strengthened. With present educational policies.readmore

Career & Skillset Tests

A Successful Career Begins At The Formative Years Of A Student. This Is Also An Age Where Children Often Get Distracted Or Confused To Choose Their Right Stream Of Education..readmore

Student Counseling

Students who are subjected to academic compulsion, mounting competitions, sibling  rivalries, non supportive teaching staff, and similar challenges  may start losing interest in their studies..readmore

Political Training

Electioneering in India is moving into a new direction. In order to influence the perception of a voter, parties will have to position themselves, strategize political alignment and communicate to the masses..readmore

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