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Making your child’s world better

6th Sense is a private limited company established in the year 2002, in Bangalore, India. We are the pioneers in propagating unique psychological workshops amongst the All India and central service officers, top executives of central and state governments, senior executives of Public sectors, Business strategists, political leaders and people’s groups. These workshops are ahead of its time due to timely inclusion of findings from market research that proves a direct correlation between emotional neutrality and sustainable excellence. After years of research and study, we have launched a new programme with an objective of social change by addressing the parents, school teachers and the student community.

Institutional infrastructure, Courses and number of students growing may be a good trend in the educational sector. However institutions must discern between tangible growth and inclusive development because school is not just a building with four walls but our hopes and tomorrows inside.

For the 6th Sense a workshop is not an advisory of do’s and don’ts. It is a power packed scientific reflection. We do not just talk about what to do, when to do, and how to do. “Why to do” is the core question we answer since for someone to change himself after the workshop, one must be convinced about the need as to “Why to do”. Our strength lies in deducing that.

We do not comment about others, but our works speak for themselves. This can be seen by the sheer size of our clientele, our presence, our spread and our ratings. A 5/5 rating is the most common rating we have received even when rated by the highest level officers of the government of India.

The way one sees, the way one perceives, the way one acts and the results obtained through them are functions and outcomes of mindset. Change in the mindset will eventually change all the above. Therefore changing mindsets is our premise.

In the school programme, the stake holders of social change are the parents, the teachers and high school students.

Growth of an institution depends upon the extent of excellence achieved by their students. It includes nurturing their physical, cognitive, and emotional areas to enable them reflect upon their social, vocational, political and spiritual spheres. We create a platform where the stake holders like teachers and parents participate, understand their respective roles, compliment each other s’ effort to mould the next generation. Institution thus becomes an agent of change.

The programmes include a unique scientific reflection on effective parenting that support adaptation to the challenging demands of parenting and social change.

The goal of raising a successful family has been pertinent at all times. However the intricate and ever growing challenges of socio economic transition coupled with change in aspiration levels are leading to social problems. Our workshops emerge from the core of anthropology, sociology, philosophies, medical sciences, psychology and related fields supported by market research. They are not some utopian propaganda but are truly a real assessment of life

Creating awareness about how mindsets develop and transpire during the formative years of children by conditions and experiences and their correlation with excellence at professional, social and personal areas.

Teaching is a noble professional. Unfortunately recognition for teaching and teachers is inadequate in the society today. This can eventually affect their passion to teach. A teacher plays an important role in social change. Therefore teachers are targeted appropriately so as to equip them in passionate teaching skills and orient them towards becoming a role leader, a role model .

Increased energy levels in physical, cognitive and emotional areas, improved teaching skills and work life balance.

Most of the students are confused about the stream of education to choose. They end up choosing careers due to fascination, parental compulsion or limited options. We support them to choose a right stream of education based on their passion, competence and other required skill sets through career and skill set tests.

Intrinsic liking is called passion and it emerges out of one’s conviction while superficial liking is called fascination. Fascination is temporary and more attached to the fringe benefits like power, celebrity status, monetary benefits and others attached to the profession. Student may not really have the required skill sets. Passion is intrinsic and usually comes with skills, competence and liking. A clarity of understanding in this regard is a must.

  • Effective Parenting workshop is one full day, participation limited to 150 participants
  • Passionate teaching workshop for teachers will be for two full days,  participation limited to 50 participants
  • Career and skill set tests for 9th and 10th standard students will be one full day and participation limited to 100 students per batch

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