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Transforming Teachers

Passionate Teaching And Work Life Balance Workshop

No educational institution can become world class, unless their teachers, who play the critical role in education, are psychologically strengthened. With present educational policies that discourages reprimanding children even when it deserves, and the blaming attitudes of some of the parents, pave way for teachers feeling discouraged. Their enthusiasm to teach and mentor children gets dissuaded affecting the quality of education.

Besides these challenges, many lady teachers will also have to manage their own families after their hectic day at school. The combination of hectic day at school and at home can lead to physical and mental exhaustion which can result in declined teaching spirit and the wellness in their life.

Teachers, who are instrumental to nurture the future of students, must be emotionally and mentally strengthened to handle very important roles they play in engineering a value based society.

We have specialized training that supports teachers towards attaining work life balance and also helps them understand the intricacies of teaching to create a sense of curiosity and interest amongst students. Many a time ,students lose interest in their subjects when teaching becomes direct and monotonous or, when teachers themselves lose the passion of teaching.

Our two days of workshop will include several psychological and behavioral tests, detailed tips and tools for improving physical , mental and emotional strength, and developing social adaptability skill so that they are liked by both students and parents. This change in the outlook of teachers will change the children’s attitude towards their subject and personal character. This will change the image of the school amongst parents.

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