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Effective Parenting

Effective Parenting and grooming workshop for parents

In a globalized society with fast changing social and cultural values, grooming a child has become a challenge. The ocean of information and exposure children get today are very different from what existed in earlier generations. Children get influenced by their peer group during their child-hood. Accordingly, it becomes all the more important for parents to understand their decisive role in grooming and parenting.

The advent of nuclear family system, coupled with busy work schedules of parents, has led to a situation where children get very little qualitative and emotional support. To aggravate their problems, there is an implicit message from every quarter that, only the best will survive. Thus begins the rat race putting the parents and child under intense pressure, competitions and rivalries.

Every parent wants their child to be the best. The only way for the society to assess the best is through grading and ranking. This is perhaps because these parameters are easier to be depicted on a graph. In the process, there is a inconspicuous effort to suppress the intangible qualitative assets like self-esteem, confidence, courage, integrity etc.

In a critically demanding climate depicted above, it is important for the parents to know how their children observe, learn and grow through their social and natural surroundings that eventually shape their lives and mindset. A good understanding of child development is essential because everything a child sees, hears and experiences plays a crucial role in the formation of their mindset. It is the mindset that eventually determines one’s destiny.

Parents has to fully understand, appreciate and support the cognitive, emotional, physical, social, educational and spiritual growth of their child. They should know that more than teachers they have a critical role in shaping the lives of their children

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