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Student Counseling

The purpose of the school counseling program is to impart specific skills and learning opportunities through academic, career, personal and social development exercises in a proactive and preventive manner for all students.

We focus on short-term counseling interventions which are characterized by high levels of professionalism. In our present system, smartness is recognized solely in terms of numbers and percentages. We focus on the tangibles, perhaps because they are easier to measure. We live in a society that encourages scoring over scouting. In such a system, students compete to score marks than pursue excellence. The result is that we produce graduates but mostly unemployable.

Students who are subjected to academic compulsion, mounting competitions, sibling rivalries, non supportive teaching staff, and similar challenges may start losing interest in their studies and may adversely affect their personality , social adaptability and vocational compatibility.

6th Sense, having its own distinctive identity in the sphere of student counseling, specializes in helping them support themselves to deal with above mentioned challenges, make important decisions, and move ahead.

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