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Dr. Abraham P Ruby is one of the leading behavioral theorists and a psychological trainer cum counselor, with expertise in guidance and mentoring. He frequently trains the country’s civil service officers from the IAS, IPS, IFS, IOFS, IRS, and other services besides corporate honchos, defence officers, scientists, and leading medical doctors across India..

With practical experience of more than 30 years in martial arts and higher education in  Psychology, Spirituality, and Administration, he has designed some of the best holistic training programs which address mind, body and soul dimensions.

His expertise and experience handling people, style of delivery, guidance, and psychotherapy, and the post-training impact recorded so far have been the reasons for his popularity. More than twenty state governments and Union Territories in India, regularly invite him to train their senior bureaucrats.

The training programs are a blend of Anthropology, Sociology, Historiometrics, Philosophy, Spirituality, Hermeneutics, Medical Science, Psychology, and Administration that make the program more inclusive than merely adhering to one school of thought. It appeals to people as the training are multi- dimensional and stay away from the regular self-help theories which are utopian in nature.

Overall, hundreds of clients use his services. His clients include top Central Government academies, research institutes, banks, state governments, corporate and peoples groups.

His unique research in the political front has led political parties to approach him to train their candidates to face elections successfully, and he has trained different parties in India.

He has tremendous abilty to simplyfy and lucidly present the concept of excellence and dwell deeply into subjects of human mind which is perceived to be complex and tough. A passionate teacher , he has the ability to communicate and convince the masses.


Published a text book on Applied Self Defence in 1994 Titled Swayam Raksha

Published a paper on Impact of counseling for mindset changes as a strategy for success which is a Blend of Martial arts and Psychology

Empowerment of Women emotionally, mentally, and physically through applied self-defense to face the challenges of today's changing work paradigm

Mindset the threshold of success and failures

What stops people from becoming a legend in their area of specialization? A study to understand reasons attributed by the officers in government departments, public sectors and boards.”

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